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61 Funny excuses for not doing homework

The 10 Best Homework Excuses

❶This excuse works on so many levels: The last thing a student would want is his money being misused by people.

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Oprah was on and she rules the world so I had to watch her. I was distracted by the sound of a car honking in China. What was the question again? Unfortunately, my homework drowned. I spent all my time on Yahoo Answers.

I started to, but got a life threatening paper cut. My pencil ran out of ink. I went to get my books out of my locker and hit my head and passed out. When I woke up I had amnesia. Just so happened I left my homework on the desk in the office.

I cramped my writing hand - masturbating! OR Charlie Sheen ate my homework Because i love cheese. My homework fell in the kitchen sink and got flooded. My dog ate it xD. Should "Homework Help" be abolished? When you visit a city for the first time, how much "homework" do you do beforehand?

Best ever homework excuse? What is "homework" in Spanish? My flash drive exploded. The cleaning lady threw it away. I felt like doing the whole book on the bus ride home, so I did -- but after the first pages, I got bus-sick and puked all over the workbook and all my homework! What a coincidence, eh? And it was already too late to start another one, so my mom wrote me a note excusing me for not bringing in my homework.

I was looking at it on the bus when Billy or whoever , who was sitting next to me, felt really sick and guess what happened? I put it in the safe, but lost the combination. Some aliens from outer space borrowed it so they could study how the human brain worked. Had to bail mom out of jail again.

A sudden wind blew it out of my hand and I never saw it again. The lights in our house went out, and I had to burn it to get enough light to see the fuse box. I thought the assignment was uninspiring. I read Moby Dick instead. I got soap in my eyes and was blinded for the rest of the night. Please excuse Jackie for not having her homework she was a little under the weatherman, and there was a big flurry in Central America.

I have a solar powered calculator and it was cloudy. I gave it to a homeless man to line his hat with. A man came into my house last night and threatened to commit suicide.

Well, it turns out he had a split-personality, so it was considered a hostage situation. It was a big commotion. A mad circus clown stole it on my bus stop and tried luring me into his house with it. Aliens from outer space abducted my homework.

My internet access was down for emailed assignments. Next time should I show my work? I did do it all, but before I got a chance to save, my book crashed and I lost it all. I loaned it to a friend, but he moved away. I left it in a hymn book in the choir loft, having used it to mark my solo. I gave it to the substitute.

My printer broke and my disk is corrupted.

20 reasons i didnt do my homework

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20 Cheeky reasons you didn't do your homework These excuses are not going to get you out of being in trouble, but if you are in trouble anyway, then you may as well enjoy it. Some of the lines are going to make your fellow students laugh, so there is always a silver lining to every situation.

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