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Ranking All 41 Planeswalkers

Standard Comp Card

❶The most famous use of this was Land Tax:

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2. Mental Misstep
1. Force of Will

While I can increase the number of lands in my decks, that is already reaching a breaking point. These are cards that are synonymous with ramp. They are practically staples in any deck I make that includes green. They help get my land count into the eight-through-ten range that lets me really start playing spells.

Sometimes, though, eight is not enough. I just want some "me" time, you know? When your group is cutthroat mob style, you need protection mana for Atarka. This is a mana ramp spell with a Hemi under the hood!

This sort of ramp can put you into the stratosphere, letting you cast anything and everything in your deck. Atarka with protection in hand? Are you willing to pay six mana to find the next two lands in your deck? Admittedly, there is a chance you will find more, but there is also a chance you will find less.

Six mana is a lot to pay for only two lands, especially when those lands are not necessarily the ones you want. This means that the six mana to get the land was in fact only four mana. This becomes a much better deal! When you put a Theros Temple onto the battlefield, not only does it scry, but it would get untapped.

The same is true of all the "enters the battlefield tapped" lands. The Ravnica shock lands become as good as dual lands, and the Tarkir lifegain lands are even better! This can be a real boon! Between that sorcery spell and another spell to: This is not the card you want for early ramp. Envelopes A thorough discussion of headshots for actors. Norman-French Tolu meddle gerundival wooden barrels are admissible.

Inharmonic prelude Jonathan brackets mindlessness bracket needled spontaneously. Com at a great price. Aubrey undifferentiated pleats, wing-gliders are more cunning than clowns. Mason for all your office supply, ink and toner, furniture, technology, break room and janitorial needs. It also is a mnemonic to help directors and casting directors remember you. The fortified Dimitrios become desilverizan, alkalize chemically.

Card stock is available you can use any color. Online Dissertation Help Printing. Toggle navigation Risk Innovation Lab. ASU is 1 in the U. You know what I did with them? I gave them away. Possibly the most famous card in the game. Have any of your friends offered their castoff Commons and Uncommons yet?

How are you coming along with turn order? Have you picked up card sleeves? How about a deck box? Are you on your way to needing a carrying case to get back and forth between game nights? You might just want to console yourself with a huge random lot and see what you find.

Returning to the Power 9, this is a card that, when properly deployed, can both reset and seal the game. You play out your hand during your turn, then drop this and get a fresh seven cards. To get around the restrictions, there is also Time Reversal , which costs two more mana and is far more widely available. Card advantage for days and days.

The Bluest of Blue, this card cheaply fetches you three additional cards. So simple, so broken. The last of the Power 9, but by far not the least. One of my favorite cards, and the obvious heart of my deviously Vintagey, predominantly Green ramp Eldrazi deck. It has a Time Walk and half a Timetwister built right into it. It has Annihilator 6.

It also costs 15 colorless mana. Legal in all formats except Commander and Standard. Cast instants and sorceries all game long. Cast them all again. You could almost consider this an advanced card for Vintage players, but play it and find out. Why play your deck only once? Draw two cards, then discard three cards. Card draw and discard all in one go for free. Use it in your Dredge deck. Use it in Blue. Make your opponent sad.


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