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Why Homework is Traditionally Accepted as Good

❶Discuss with your child what works best for her.

Top tips for homework

Fresh View on Beneficial Side of Homework
'It's about finding the balance between work and activities'
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The homework wars have been raging for years. In Finland, a country long held up as having a model education system, pupils are given little or no homework, in the belief that children require family and outdoors time more than revision.

He says homework does not reinforce learning nor improve academic results, while at the same time it reduces precious time with family and friends. So is homework a chore too far after a long school day? Is it putting pressure on precious family time and, at a time when obesity levels in children are at an all-time high, is it adding to the time spent engaged in yet another sedentary activity? It identified TV viewing, homework and screen-based activities as occupying the biggest chunks of time for children after school, and identified these as the key areas for interventions.

Here, the aim of the new National Physical Activity Plan, launched earlier this year, is to increase physical activity levels across the entire population. Children need one hour of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity in a day but up to 80pc of kids are not achieving that.

And with 25pc of three-year-olds in this country already obese or overweight, do we need to rethink the emphasis on homework afterschool — a task that makes them even more sedentary? The issue is how we function as a society and how we build more ways to be active into our lives. When you think about it, the weekend presents an opportunity to get out and be active — we are not grasping that.

However, she says that homework can be a way of learning life skills. Things like writing poems and creative writing need space at home to work on. It can also create a bond between parent and child in terms of their work. Coulahan, who taught sixth class last year, devised a system where her students earned tokens, which they could use to buy a homework pass. They earned these tokens by performing well and doing all their work. That really worked as an incentive. The parents and kids were brilliant about it.

Mum-of-four Helen Nolan from Carndonagh in Co Donegal says while her children are not spending huge amounts of time doing homework, she does believe it has a value in that it teaches them the discipline of working independently.

They probably have something extracurricular every day, like camogie or athletics. The girls are very active and they enjoy getting out in the evening. Some days we do better than others," she says. This means you can be on hand to help with anything tricky but also make sure they are not spending their time on devices.

This means no TV, no loud music or interruptions. You might be on hand to guide them through it but make sure they are the ones coming up with the answers. They are the ones who have to do the learning. John von Radowitz Mumsnet "horror stories" could be one reason why some women suffer from a pathological terror of childbirth, a leading expert and midwife has said. Henry Bodkin Women who smell attractive to men are more likely to be highly fertile, scientists have found.

Sarah Knapton Parents often describe young children as little monkeys, but now scientists have confirmed that toddlers are "just tiny apes" sharing 96pc of the same gestures. But anecdotally, many parents say the amount of homework their kids are currently doing is excessive and takes a toll.

My son in fifth-grade has a minimum of two-and-a-half hours of homework, with reading time included. Lori Harris, a mother of two, finds that some homework is meaningful and can help children plan and organize.

But she, too, says the amount of work is excessive. The growing concern and debate over homework has prompted some school districts to re-evaluate their policies.

When the 15,student Pleasanton Unified School District in the San Francisco Bay Area received complaints from parents, particularly those of middle-school students, it dusted off its largely ignored homework policy, and administrators, teachers and parents worked for more than a year to change it. The new policy that resulted has been in place for a year now; it strongly discourages weekend and holiday homework for elementary-school students and limits homework assignments for middle- and high-school students to five nights a week, though they can choose to do it over the weekend.

The policy also encourages better coordination of assignments and tests among teachers at the middle- and high-school levels and sets time guidelines per grade — following the minute rule in elementary school, 15 minutes per class period in middle school or up to one hour and 45 minutes a night and 20 minutes per class period in high school or up to two hours a night.

Is it necessary and is it worthwhile? Still, she says, the time limits agreed upon are more than she would have liked, and more than she thinks the research supports. Beyond Pleasanton, school districts from Swampscott, Mass. Some have scrapped traditional homework assignments for free reading or optional assignments. A meaningful homework assignment is open to interpretation, by teachers, parents and students. If you believe that your child is receiving more homework than he can reasonably handle, talk to his teacher.

If your child is consistently struggling and you find yourself locked in nightly homework battles, her teacher may be willing to make accommodations, from setting time limits for at-home assignments to reducing the workload. Meantime, Challenge Success, a project of the Stanford University School of Education that researches and advocates for positive change in the education system, offers these tips to parents trying to guide their kids through nightly homework assignments:.

Act as cheerleaders, not homework police. Provide necessary supplies and express interest in the content, but let the teacher intervene if the child regularly fails to finish homework or do it correctly. Work with your child to determine a healthy schedule of activities that allows for homework, studying, adequate sleep and play.

Recognize that children learn in different ways and have different work styles. Some kids can get it done all at once; others need breaks. Some like quiet spaces while others prefer music. Discuss with your child what works best for her. Advocate for healthier homework policies at your school. Does Homework Help or Hurt?

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Books like The End of Homework, The Homework Myth, and The Case Against Homework and the film Race to Nowhere make the case that homework, by taking away precious family time and putting kids under unneeded pressure, is an ineffective way to help children become better learners and thinkers.

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Well, imagine if after putting in a full day at the office -- and school is pretty much what our children do for a job -- you had to come home and do another four or so hours of office work. Monday through Friday. Plus homework every weekend how long would you last? This is a question that weighs heavily on teacher Jessica Lahey.

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Act as cheerleaders, not homework police. Provide necessary supplies and express interest in the content, but let the teacher intervene if the child regularly fails to finish homework or do it correctly. When scheduling after-school activities, keep in mind your child’s homework load. Does homework help or harm. September 11, Uncategorized 0 I have an essay to write but i have a migraine. so, i've been laying down in bed, using speech to text on my phone (and it's kinda working).

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He says homework does not reinforce learning nor improve academic results, while at the same time it reduces precious time with family and friends. “For younger students, in fact, there isn’t even a correlation between whether children do homework (or how much they do) and any meaningful measure of achievement. Apr 08,  · Another major issue with homework is how much homework actually benefits a student. Many children are left with math problems that are far over their capabilities, or reading they can't comprehend. One of two things happens. Either the students go to their parents for help, which is occasionally good but can affect how .