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Universal Essay: Organic Chemistry Help Sites we have good news for you!

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Organic chemistry help sites

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Really nice discussions of the mechanisms for: HTM a must stop! Young at the University of Illinois at Chicago http: Olaf College Organic Chemistry Toolkit http: Takes you to the master organizer page for my course. Carey [McGraw-Hill] as the text. Strauss at San Jose State University http: Kingsbury at University of Nebraska -- Lincoln http: This is supposed to be a "linear" text, which texts have dropped off the face of the earth in recent years -- minimum distraction from the theme.

Unfortunately, it may not have been updated for quite a while, since many links are no longer active. WinTorg simulated qualitative organic analysis program by Adrian Blackman at University of Tasmania http: Assigns unknowns for which physical [mp, bp, solubility], spectral [ 13 C and 1 H NMR, IR, MS], and chemical data are available; one can then submit the tentative identification either by typing name or selecting from several structures presented.

Organic Chem site at Bucknell University http: Colby College Organic Home http: Organic Reaction Summaries by M. Also useful links to other organic goodies. Professors lumped practice exams into the larger category of practice problems, which they told us are something students should spend a lot of their study time on. This one was the fastest way to get some organic chemistry help.

We observe that there are three types of org chem videos on the web. The first are full lectures, in which a full semester of videos can be hours long. The second type of summary videos, which can be anywhere from hours in total length to cover a semester.

These are nice because they condense the material and are a bit easier to digest, but still cover all of the major topics. YouTube, iTunes, or organic chemistry help websites are a great place to find these. Finally, specific topic videos are the third type of video you will find. These are minutes long and focus on specific topics or reactions in organic chemistry. These are nice for students who are doing pretty well in the class but might be struggling with a specific area or reaction.

Learning reactions and mechanisms: The second most popular way among our professors for studying is by learning as many reaction mechanisms as you can. This will not allow help you to learn the reaction itself by seeing it again, but it will reinforce why the reaction works, which will assist you if you have to figure out a reaction or mechanism you might have never seen before. Just reading your text again: What a terrible way to study. Second, it is boring as anything.

Your professors know it is a bad way to spend your limited study time. Anything is better than nothing, because nothing is really really bad. You have choices on whose class you take and whose class you avoid. Of course the best way to learn who is good, who is bad, and who is ugly is to ask the boys and girls who have already taken the class. Organic chemistry is a big med school prep subject 3 The professor does not have a degree in organic chemistry; some schools, due to staffing needs, will run someone out there with a degree in another field of chemistry, or worse—a biology degree.

This is a tricky one. First, this is not the main part of organic chemistry, which rotates around the synthesis of new molecules. Second, it is very boring. If you determine that you have a bad professor, the first thing to decide is if there is a better one out there, preferably teaching the course this semester.

If it is easy, and you feel comfortable, switch to the other class. If you really need to get out and can spend a little extra money, many universities will accept a junior college transfer credit. More often than not, the community college will offer a simpler version of the course, which you can take back with you to avoid the whole mess of a jerk professor.

This reminds me of my favorite video on YouTube http: You are a pack of wildebeest, just chilling out by the water, trying to score a good grade in organic chemistry. But you are being hunted by pride of hungry lions your professors who would like nothing better to make a quick snack of the weakest one of you. After crouching in the brush, the lions suddenly pounce pop quiz and grab a hold of the smallest one of you the student with the hardest course load.

Two things can happen at this point: Either the rest of the pack of wildebeest will cut their losses and try to save themselves or they can go back and heroically battle the lions to rescue their fallen colleague.

I am not going to ruin the video if you have not already viewed it, but I think you already know what happens. More than just helping others, studying in packs provides a number of other benefits: Of course, when you are choosing study partners on the Serengeti, you need to be very careful to stay away from the jackals. These are the students that are more parasite than human and will just leach off of your talents. They will come to study sessions unprepared and expect you to teach the entire course to them.

They are more Succubus than man and will not help you much. We suggest finding study partners that are interested in a good grade and are willing to put in the time necessary to achieve high marks in the course.

This means that they have taken Organic I in the spring and then followed with Organic II in the next fall. Many will ask if they should take it in the summer. This is not an easy "yes or no" question, and definitely depends on the student. Here are some of the considerations for summer classes: It is only usually 5 weeks long. If you are not working that summer, it is much better than just sitting around doing nothing. If you ARE majoring in chemistry, it is very easy to forget everything that you learned in the class because you crammed it all into 5 weeks.

Classes are usually at least 3 hours per day, plus homework every night and an exam once a week. This can be overwhelming.

If you get a bad professor, keep the hemlock close. Yes, we realize that many of you that are taking organic chemistry dream of going to medical school someday. Everybody needs doctors, and the job pays well, so good for you. However, there is a seething underbelly to the pre-med world.

Some horrible things that nobody wants to talk about are:

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What are the top 10 websites a chemistry student must visit? Helvetica Chimica Acta, ChemBioChem, European Journal of Organic Chemistry, and their relatives) is located here: Wiley Online Library A few open access journal sites have chemistry journals. Google Scholar is an excellent literature search engine, which will help you find. Organic Chemistry Help Sites. We deliver only authentic, highest quality papers on time. You will also receive free revisions and a money-back guarantee, if needed.

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Friends' notes and even some online organic chemistry "help sites" have one major limitation: the usefulness of the notes are limited by the abilities of the note-taker. Online help with organic chemistry from helps you learn o-chem in the shortest time and in a unique & easy way with proven online tools, quizzes and flashcards.