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Best E-Book Readers for 2018

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❶Linda Spalding, Kansas-born Canadian fiction and nonfiction writer, often explores world cultures and the clash between contemporary life and traditional beliefs. First, the obvious, slaves bought and sold.

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The interactions between the players sets up an almost tangible sense of foreboding. I stopped after part one, which ends on a cataclysmic note, to gather my thoughts. Where could the story go from here? And then I sat and thought again. She explores so much in The Purchase - freedom, faith, family, love, loss and more.

She visited sites and settings that are used in the book. I think the personal connection added so much to the book. One of my top reads for Sep 13, Melanie rated it really liked it Shelves: So, what does freedom really mean?

This book seems to examine this question from a few different angles. First, the obvious, slaves bought and sold. Slaves in any capacity, past or present, are the least "free" beings on earth. However, is there some recompense if the slave is actually as much a friend and colleague as they are an indentured servant?

Do they have any capcacity for freedom in this instance? Second, the bounds of religion and the limited, sometimes twisted beliefs thrust upon blind So, what does freedom really mean?

Second, the bounds of religion and the limited, sometimes twisted beliefs thrust upon blind followers of the faith in question. Last, the bounds of marriage and relationships, perhaps society in general. Are we free as participants in society? I have never for a second understood how rational people could force others into slavery.

I liked how Ms. Spalding handled the slavery aspect of the book and I was reminded of The Book of Negroes a bit in the strength of Bett. However, the religion aspect was a different matter. He seemed to be very conflicted, yet dedicated to his beliefs, if only because he felt he had not other choice.

That does not seem to be very free to me. All in all, I really enjoyed the book and am glad that it has been short-listed for the GGs. Thank you Goodreads for the freebie my first! It was a really good book!!! Jan 03, Veronica rated it did not like it. I have never read about a more stupid man than the main character and his children and new wife are no better.

Jan 14, Chris Hitchcock rated it it was ok. I heard the author interviewed a few times, and was fascinated by the storyline. Unfortunately, the book itself was a disappointment. I found the character of Daniel very difficult to grasp. The book is apparently historical fiction, taking some biographical details about an ancestor and weaving a story among the strands. I could make no sense of many of the choices, and some of the Quaker historical details are inaccurate Quakers used guns to hunt.

I would have liked an afterword in which the author described what facts she had to work with. Jan 23, Harry Maier rated it it was ok.

I opened it with great anticipation and was rewarded with a story that got off to a good start. I wanted to like this story, especially after hearing it discussed on CBC. But from a promising beginning its seems to devolve into a loosely knit series of episodes and it is not always easy to see how all of them hold together.

The basic premise that however principled we may be, life is complicated and requires us to work through our ethics in often compromising social situations is a classic motif, of course. In the end I was far more interested in Daniel and his Quaker ideals than the other characters. The narrator moves back and forth between Daniel and the other characters as these episodes unfold. This was confusing to me, and made the plot overwrought and at times unbelievable.

So, for example, at one point we are wrestling with how an abolitionist Quaker lives in a world where through a series of accidents he ends up owning a slave. But then later we have his daughter and a slave woman who practices traditional medicine up in the mountains helping out a dying mother and her starving family, with the dad, who has gone to get help, arriving at the end of the scene, to save the situation.

What is this doing in this story? The end seems forced since not enough time has gone into developing and refining the narrative. This book feels like it wants to be an epic, but is too short to pull it off. Dec 03, Kyle rated it liked it. While I recognize that this is a well written book, I simply did not find the story to be compelling. She knows how to write well. The thing is, I feel that I have read this story a dozen times already.

Its conventional approach to explorin While I recognize that this is a well written book, I simply did not find the story to be compelling. How many times has a similar story to this one been offered up to the public, and how many times will it be told using these same characters and situations?

I question the relevance of this novel. If Spalding had experimented a bit with structure or style, maybe I would have enjoyed this book more. But it is a typical, beginning-middle-end, point A to point B, approach to storytelling, and it tells a story that we are all familiar with by now.

There is nothing remarkable about this book. But it is good, nonetheless. My other qualm with this book is that it won the GG in , and there is zero Canadian content in this novel. That is two years in a row now that the winner of the GG has been almost completely devoid of a Canadian identity.

It kind of baffles me as to why this book took away the award this year. Mar 10, Eric rated it did not like it Shelves: I was hoping to enjoy this prize winning novel. Why the quick marriage to the young wife not of his faith? Why did he lie down on the ground and just stay there until dark? The questions go on and on. There were so many foolish things left unexplained in this book that I could not enj I was hoping to enjoy this prize winning novel.

There were so many foolish things left unexplained in this book that I could not enjoy it. The main character being Quaker also filled the book full of foolish religious notions of the time most of which continue today and this took more away from my enjoyment of the novel.

The plight of the slaves and their search for freedom was only one of many different directions the book took. Overall a big thumbs down. Jan 30, Ellie rated it it was amazing Shelves: REally hoping that Linda Spalding gives us a sequel.. You will want to shake and hug characters by times. The purchase is everything that a wonderful, time-enduring book should be. Sep 14, Penny Bedborough rated it it was amazing. I just finished this journey. I received this free through GoodReads giveaways.

I hate to think that I may not have come acroos it without this site. Its funny how the things we need most always find us, thats how I feel about this book, I was meant to read this book. This story was enlightening in many ways. I can say with all honesty that this will be a book that I will come back to over the years.

There are so many lessons in this story it would be wrong to speak of only one. I recommend this I just finished this journey. I recommend this book to anyone that is open to seeing life for what it is The best we can hope for is to hope we learn what we need to before it is too late. Mar 02, Jen rated it liked it. I can see why there were conflicting reviews for this novel.

There could have been much more character development - great potential to do so. Overall, I would rate it as a 3. Jan 20, Vincent Lam rated it it was amazing. The command of the vernacular in the American South is truly fluid, convincing, and wonderful!

This book is a fictionalized account of the actual life of a Quaker shunned from Brandywine, Pennsylvania in around , who then moves to the lawless, slavery dominated frontier of the western tip of Virginia near the Cumblerand Gap.

He is originally shunned for marrying a year-old orphan, who had been a servant in his home, after his wife dies just after giving birth to their fifth child. The Quakers had prohibitions against underage marriage as well as exploitation of servants.

Most ma This book is a fictionalized account of the actual life of a Quaker shunned from Brandywine, Pennsylvania in around , who then moves to the lawless, slavery dominated frontier of the western tip of Virginia near the Cumblerand Gap.

Most marriages of colonial era Quakers were between men and women in their mids. Later in Virginia, he breaks even more Quaker principles, including prohibitions against slave ownership, and the story traces what happens to him and his family as a result.

The book is written in very spare, almost arid language, that evokes a particular Quaker style. Words describing or conveying emotion are not used much, and not at all by any of the characters none of them says "I was angry," or "I am so happy", for example. Despite their significant role in the founding of the U. They get overshadowed by the Southern slavery and the New England Puritanism.

Women of Colonial Philadelphia" by Karin Wulf do a great job of bringing this history to light. It is true that paternity was not provable, but calling the children your "orphans" seems a bit of a stretch and even to reflect a latent aggression. This is particularly inapposite to Quaker views of men having personal responsibility for their children. It appears to be a form of dissociation passed down from father to son, likely because of that absence of nurturing from the father, and it reflects a lack of emotional availability, which creates men who have a stated, often pompous, fealty to these principles but who have difficulty understanding their meaning or processing how to apply them in practical situations.

It makes him a "bad dad" as well, placing all the pressure on Ruth Boyd to tend his children the Quakers considered it the responsibility of both parents to meet the needs of children.

Also, many Quaker women took economic responsibility for themselves; this was not always easy to do, given the laws of coverture and other prohibitions. In marrying a teenager, who in addition to her immaturity had not been raised with the Quaker psychological support required to do this, he left himself without an equal partner.

Ruth eventually does make a good contribution to the family income, but nothing like what would be accomplished by a Betsy Ross-style Quaker.

It is likely he was this way his entire life, and his first wife, Rebecca Grube, may have been this way as well. Does Kirkus Indie review audiobooks? Our professional reviewers assess merit based on the value of the content and reading experience alone, so we do accept books in e-book format.

However, we do not review audiobooks in any format at this time. Does Kirkus Indie review foreign-language books? We review Spanish-language books, but we do not offer reviews of books in other languages at this time.

May I purchase a review through the Indie program? Even if you are not self-published, you may order a review through the Indie program. How should I format my manuscript before submitting it? Please be sure to submit a polished, final version of your book including illustrations, if applicable. Our reviewers will treat any title they receive as a finished work.

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