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It matters because we are people: The real culprits here are big businesses who lie to us about their policies, about how their products are produced, and about how they are intentionally taking advantage of cheap labour and causing it to continue. This means they should be providing good working conditions, fair pay and hours, and should not allow child labour.

So, to analyse cheap labour, Panorama took it into their own hands to investigate further into whether businesses stay loyal to their policies: Primark was found to be outsourcing work to slum areas outwith the factory. They work in horrendous conditions for a meagre payment.

This example shows how we, as consumers, have been led into a false sense of security by not only Primark, but many multinational businesses whose unethical practices we may not be exposed yet. Hitting recent headlines have been the preparing, planning and construction for the World Cup in Qatar.

This seems like an exciting event and geat development. This headline came as a total bombshell to fans. This story is one of many, and it shows the harsh reality of how businesses treat cheap labour behind closed doors. Many of us are na?? Humanity is built like a solid structure: Just as the frame work supports and holds a structure together, so too the human race supports us all, keeping us as one. Just like a building deteriorates over time, so too is our structure beginning to weaken and fall apart.

If society becomes too egotistical and everyone is only concerned with fending for themselves, there will be no unity or solidarity as before. Are the US companies who locate their factories to underdeveloped locations really offering them a job or are they on look out for cheap labor? The people in underdeveloped locations are in need for money, for them any job is worth taking up, they do not care as to what wages they are being paid as long as they can earn their daily bread.

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Cheap Labor Economic growth has always been the greatest interest of the world. Any studies and researches are done to improve the economy of Third World Countries.

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Free Essay: Cheap Labor Economic growth has always been the greatest interest of the world. Any studies and researches are done to improve the economy of. Essay on Child Labor Around the World - In , reports show that ten percent, or million, of children around the world were working to support their families (Udry 3). Child labor is the employment of young children, below 16, to do physical work for less or zero pay compared to adults (Kumar 2).