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kid calls 911 for help with math homework this is so sweet

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Kid calls 911 for help with math homework.
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I had math homework in pre-school. How did she even realize he was on the phone with the police? It just sounds like someone in the background acting. The exchange between them also sounds pretty set up, complete with punchline.

The kid said "The Policeman is helping me with my math" when she asked what he was doing. Must listen better next time. I still think she should have had that phone in her hand by then, though. Moms tend to teleport in situations like that. I heard just the opposite No they have to be completely sure the person is safe first.

Im sure the video is fake though for numerous other reasons. No I was going to comment about how the whole thing felt really insincere and staged. I know when kids lie, I think we all do. Dad- did you just crash into that Tricycle? He got you on film, for rice cakes. He should have explained to him what is really for and maybe send a cruiser over to make sure that the boy was safe. I think they were tracing the call to send dispatch. The kid could have been home alone for all they know.

And to think they still have to send a cruiser out to the house just to make the mom feel even more embarrassed. Been there, did this.

I did something like this when I was younger. Got the worst spanking of my life for that one. I was in kindergarten when I was 4 and I had math that was about that difficult. No negative numbers or anything big but yeah I definitely had subtraction and addition with numbers less than I even remember fractions that my kindergarten teacher tried to teach us with those pie squares she had a few. I remember not understanding the fractions though and my om helped with the subtraction and such.

That is a bit early to go into kindergarten. Sounds like your teacher was pretty sweet though. I have both one belarussian friend and one lithuianian friend, both of them recall learning mathematics at a high level very early on at least compared to the US standard.

They always were ahead in mathematics class. Not necessarily higher standard, just different pacing. Here in the UK, some people have been calling for formal education from 2.

It all depends on what you think is most important facts, knowledge, skills, concepts, aptitude, etc and how fast you think children need to get there. When I was younger they said I was like smarter than average or something so I got into kindergarten early. The thing is this happens more than you might think, I know quite a few others, so it would be no surprise if the kid in this video is 4.

Once I got to highschool though I had average grades and took average classes. I had 2 kindergarten teachers haha. I feel bad for those kids. Pre-school is no longer glorified daycare. Children have to have tons of concepts down before Kindergarten. I did, that was actually really simple, i remember my teacher used to explain it with fruits, if you have 5 fruits and then another person takes away your 5 fruits, how much fruit do you have?

I have had some experience in the UK of being a teaching assistant in early years and i have not come across any child that understood that , or equal zero. Well my first ever vivid memory was my mom telling me we had to go to the hospital cause she was having my babysister, she was born the day of my birthday when i was 3 years old. From that point on, i remember almost everything. I was reading entire books at that point. I was doing addition and subtraction with negative numbers when I was 5, is it that hard to believe a 4 year old could understand zero?

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Real assignment writing pdf: call for math homework help 11 September / Uncategorized Emails i get as a theoretical physicist: "please take a look at my essay and time machine" stop by with a time machine anytime. i'll hop in.

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Fifth-grader asks police for help with math homework, and this was their response. He didn't know his address, so the dispatcher traced math call paramedics were soon on their way. help. A Boy Called To Get Help With Math .

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Woman: What did I tell you about going on the phone? Operator: It’s the mother Boy: You said if I need help to call somebody. Woman: I didn’t mean the police. A boy calls to get help with is math homework. Share this sound clip with your friends. Tweet Follow @harkdotcom Share / Embed this sound clip on your site. Hark's Daily. kid call for help with math. Any questions or can help straight to them and they will help you out. When you pay for math homework answers or homework answers calls other subjects, you will not have to wait for them.

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Too much homework stress junior year: math homework help September 11, Uncategorized 0 My essay: cyber bullying is real and an epidemic me in my head: hahahahahahahaha how the fuck is cyber bullying real hahahaha just walk awa. 4-Year-Old Calls for Help with His Math Homework. Hopefully, next time he’s stumped on a math problem he’ll call a non-emergency line. Listen as the kid calls for help with math homework in the clip below.