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Education and Training Requirements

V to your office. Je souhaiterai faire partie de votre staff afin de vous apporter tout mon savoir faire. Mon adresse email est: Coordialement la postulante mbouyem. I would like to practice in your company to make my contribution to the continual improvement of the quality of your services.

I have two years experience in the field of Quality Management. Currently I hold a responsible position in a quality structure instead. Pending a favorable response to our work please get Mr. My address is Tel: I wish to seek for an internship into your entreprise precisely the branch of tranport and logistiques.

Word et Excel Langue: The Human Resource Manager, M. I would like to be considered for an internship in your company. Sir, this important exercise will enable me acquire industrial experience and particularly fulfill in part, the Professional Experience Requirement as required by the ACCA profession. Attached below is a copy of my curriculum vitae. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Mikah Ngwamitang Ghogomu Sex: Cameroonian Date of Birth: University of Buea, Bachelor of Science in Economics second class upper division — Familiar with a number of programs: Familiar with the Flextra Banking Software Language: English Language- Excellent, French — very good Leadership: Mon numero de telephone est Ayant aussi des connaissance en informatique et Maintenance audio visuel.

Mon numero est I humbly wish to apply a position in the internal audit department,i am a Cameroonian by birth,age 27yrs. For more information,view my CV which will be send to the given email address you instructed me to send it to.

My contact number 75 15 65 I will be grateful if my application is granted. Dear Sir, I have the honour, most respectful to apply for the post of a Communication Officer in your company. I am excellent in English and good in the French language. I have worked with the said dealer for one year two months now, after having served as a Delegate with the same company for five months. My CV will illustrate much about my academic and professional skills. While waiting for a favorable response, i remain your humble applicant.

I am a Cameroonian by nationality age 29 years old,I am a holder of a bachelors degree in geography under social and management sciences,I graduated in and started working with LBM Telecom LTD in at Kumba till present date. Sir the best of my ability is shown on my Curriculum Vitae and i will put more effort to see that the company achieves it goals if you give me the opportunity. I remain your humble applicant as i wait for your reply Bisona Gwendoline Thanks.

Nous sommes une Chorale disponible sur youtube. Monsieur Le Directeur General. Juillet — Janvier Asong Grace, Military Hospital,P. E Ordinary Level v3 Passed In 7 subjects out of 8. Asong Grace, Military Hospital, P. Mon nom est Deffo Ernest. Being a fast learner who enjoys putting newly acquired skills into practical use, I shall be most grateful if you would give me a chance to prove my aptitude in whatever vacancies may exist apart from the one sollicited for within your establishment.

Having worked with different employers, i believe I possess the skills and maturity desired from and employee. Assisting customers having problems switching between the different billing options,changing or creating me2u codes,having difficulties with text messaging and others. Find below a summary of my CV, I shall furnish a detailed copy of this upon request.

Infact am a young cameroonian aged 24years and a holder of the cameroon GCE advance level certificate. While waiting for your favorable consideration i remain your humble applicant.

Good day sir, I am applying for an internship position at your company -Yaounde branch. My contacts,email shaheed3shanti gmail. Recruiter, below are my matching qualifications.

Applying for the post of Report Developer in your organisation. I have the following qualification as seen below. Feb —April Soft links communications Douala,i obtained a Diploma in computer soft ware. E Advanced level certificate Government high school Kumbo obtained G. E Ordinary levels certificate National ports Authority — intership July-Sept: Cosmopolitan Law firm —internship.

I am a mail Cameroonian looking for a job and will be happy if your company could grand me an opportuity. I am very apt in working in a team and making sound and realistic suggestions even under presure as well as managing clasified and administrative and financial documents. I have very excellent oral English and French and written English communication skills. Am very much grounded with computer microsoft office software word, Excel,internet explorer application packages.

I will provide my documents as soonas I get to know your mailing address. Sydonia operator, assistant chief of transit, Make bills to client, Supervising client bills, Follow up direct released of goods. Reading and writing stories, making movies, carrying out research. I learned of the position in the internate, through online research using the MTN Cameroon recrute website. I am a Cameroonian and holder of an HND in international trade practice and customs brokerage.

The opportunity presented in this listing is very interesting, and I believe that my strong technical experience and education will make me a very competitive candidate for this position.

The key strengths that I possess for success in this position include: I am enclosing my CV and some reference. I can be reached anytime via email at directorbuma yahoo. I look forward to speaking with you about this employment opportunity. Sincerely, Buma kingsley foyabo. Mon contact70 56 29 I humbly apply for a job opportunity as a marketing assistant in the marketing department of your organisation.

I am a reliable, energetic, honest and hardworking individual with a strong desire to learn all I can. I love working in a team and giving my utmost best to any task assigned to me. I look forward for an opportunity to work with your organisation and a chance to put in practice all I have learnt.

Attached is a copy of my Curriculum Vitae. All certificates would be made available upon request. Yours Faithfully, Sike Kemmer-Abii. To seek an entry level position in the marketing sector which offers a professional working environment where I can utilize my skills, upgrade knowledge and grow with a developing organisation. A confident, honest and hardworking individual. Possessing effective organisational skills and proficiency with administration and practical tasks. A quick and willing learner who can absorb new ideas and can communicate clearly and effectively with colleagues, clients and senior managers.

Professional Diploma in Marketing Bsc. Vous trouverez ci-joint un exemplaire de mon curriculum vitae. While waiting for a favourable feedback , thanks in advance and god bless you. Demande de stage professionnel PJ: Anglais En perfectionnement Anglais.

It is with privilege that I write this letter to you. Added to my academic knowledge and experience, I am highly energetic, accurate and ethical in all work related assignments. I am ready to team up with colleagues at the job site and work for the growth of the company. I am looking forward to an interview with you at any time appropriate. Rodrigue Claver Date et lieu de naissance: Assez bon niveau en anglais.

Maitrise et utilisation des progiciels: I wish to apply for a six months volunctary service in your institution so as to help improve on my working experience. I wish my application would be looked upon. Considering the need for efficient personnel for the success of every Company today, i believe my academic background and work experience will add to a better output in your management. While waiting for your attentive examination of my candidature, accept distinguish greetings.

Dear sir, It is with great honor that i humble apply for a job in your company. I am a final year student of the the department of Women and Gender Studies with Second major in sociology and Anthropology in the University of Buea.

I am a hard working student with the skills i have acquire from my Association as A public Relation office, from J. I remaind your humble applicant while i wait for your reply. Single in charge of 03 childre - Nationality: Cameroonian - Date of birth: University of Yaounde I, faculty of sciences. Earth sciences February — August Computing course at S. Publishing and graphic Arts. Internship at the S. I Club Informatique Secretariat NPH January — March Participation as a secretary at the 6th international conference of the Francophone Union of Internal audit held in Yaounde.

And collaborating with Crtv south, by sending reports on some events taking place in the town of Kribi. Aladi Mohammad-Kasim Issa E-mail: Having worked as an Telecommunications Engineer for the past year, I have known some of the minute details of the demand of the job. After going through your requirements and specifications, I feel I am the most suitable candidate for this post.

I am ready to face the challenges lying ahead and hope that I attain new heights for my future career as well as your firm. I understand that you require someone with the same capabilities and skill for this job opening. I would be happy to meet you in person for an interview to give a detailed review of my job profile and also would be glad to know your expectations from this job.

For any further queries, please call me on the above telephone number. I would like to contact you , to know your opinion and also to fix a mutually convenient time to meet. I thank you for your time and your consideration and hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely, Aladi Mohammad K I. Highly skilled Educational psychologist, with greater desire to create positive and profitable impacts within a competitive working environment. ED Educational psychology Grade 3. Computer Literacy and good communication skills,Leadership Academy,Driving. Je souhaiterais donc mettre tout cela au service de votre entreprise. Sir i could be of help to you if you permit me,i have been trained as a hostesse and also communication.

Sir, if my request is granted i promise not to be a dissapointment to you thanks for your time and patience. While waitng for a response from you i remain your humble applicant. My number is and my e mail is ntojudith yahoo. Hi sir, my name is Fomuso Yves Lebaga and i reside in Yaounde. I am seeking for a job as a communication officer. I am a holder of a HND Bts in journalism. I have been on internship with CRTV for over 6 months combined.

A big thank you. I have always been passioned by cars and performance. Of course my dream was to be a rally or f1 driver but i guess im too old for that and i dont have the necessary backup. Im in my first year of college, studying business and kept far away from the field where i would like to excell at.

I would be the most happy person if i could contribute to the magical world of f1, but i dont know how to approach it neither what to do in order to be someday part of it. Should i study mechanical engineering? Thanks again and sorry for this long post.

Good luck in your job with your team. And i hope Pirelli finally lets us see real racing and not the 24 hours of le mans with formula one cars. Studying mechanical engineering is certainly the best route if you wanted to be a designer or engineer in F1. Maths is an important subject, probably the most important, so you would need to work hard at that. It may be better to be a mechanic or technician where maths is not as important if you really were not able to do well in that subject.

Hey, I am 16 and I have been to the local race track a few times and can race like a boss. I live one Vancouver Island so it is kind of confined from the rest of North America for these types of things so the real question is. Is it too late to be an F1 driver?

You only need talent and experience — you would be paid to be a mechanic. I have experience as a volunteer marshal but had to stop as I moved from Canada to England. Now I am interested in taking that further and very interested in becoming a race official. Anything from pit lane to timing and scoring. I noticed the actual F1 site shows very little about careers or opportunities. Is there a more direct path to becoming an official, rather then just a volunteer marshal?

Thanks in advance for any help. I would contact the circuits themselves about marshalling — F1 dont get involved directly in that as they are all provided by the organising circuit.

You would need a lot of experience to be an F1 official. Even the timing systems are supplied by a third party. Hi, Thanx for comment sir any other option for F1 driver bcz its very very costly for me. You need to be one of the 20 best drivers in the world. Its very difficult indeed and the dream of many people. Thank you very much for taking your time to write this wonderful blog and I would like to ask a few questions.

I am currently 17 years old, in Lower Sixth and am wondering whether a General Engineering course would be less beneficial than a specialist course?

I am wondering whether this is the same for F1 where I would like to work? I am more interested in designing the car and modifying its aerodynamics! On top of that, I am wondering what the timescale is from Junior engineer to say a Chief Engineer?

Or perhaps, a timeline of the stages and salaries that a F1 engineer goes through during their lifetime? By general engineering do you mean mechanical engineering? This is normally the best route yes but there are some good specialist motorsport courses out there. US uni degrees are less specialised compared to UK courses so you might not end up being as knowledgeable if you went the US route.

Still perfectly possible but I doubt it offers much advantage unless you went to a very high quality US university that was a recognisable name.

There isnt that much engineering…. F1 is totally different and its all about design and performance. Then you would specialise in the 3rd year, so you would still receive a degree in your chosen specialism! I was having that dilemna too, but one UK uni stands out to me compared to other world institutions so i would definitely accept their offer if they were to give me one, but the main problem is that their course structure is general in the 1st 2 years rather than specialist.

By design and performance, would you mean that I could potentially design parts of the car and even make it myself? The designing and making aspect of the job particularly interests me! Can someone in a Junior Designer role become a Technical Director one day or would it be more of an apprentice who has a wider view of the workplace? It would be really interesting,. Thank you and I will definitely read your new post! Thank you for taking your time to read this message, Thank you ever so much, Michael.

I m pursuing computer science in engineering in India and want to get into formula one technical field, can you please tell if I can get into formula one or not? You will need to work towards it, building experience and qualifications. I know goals of becoming a Formula 1 racing driver is a bit extreme, but however, I would love to be a part of that racing atmosphere.

A job I see being suitable for me is an engineering, or a mechanics position. I know it seems difficult but its normally quite straightforward as far as education is concerned.

I would study Mechanical Engineering at University if you want to be an engineer. To be a mechanic its not necessary to go to University. Its quite a different job to that of an engineer. What you need is technical experience, practical skills like metal work, manufacturing and assembly. A lot of colleges in the UK do non-degree level qualifications in motor mechanics or technicians.

In the US there are tonnes of small racing or rebuild firms around, making hot rods or street cars which are modified. Its this kind of hands on approach you need to be a mechanic. Its a start but you need to work your way up slowly. I am 16 years old and want to become a Formula 1 engineer. Would a degree in mathematics be adequate for a job in F1 engineering? Or would a post-graduate course in something similar to mechanical engineering be required too? However, I am struggling to get work experience in a relevant field.

Have you got any tips on getting experience in motorsport? Also, have you got any advice on things to do to make me stand out to an F1 team in the future? If you are about to go to Uni, you need to start thinking about your year out or summer placements. You can try F1 for these opportunities are clearly limited. My one piece of advice is to do something, anything, which is motorsport related. There are probably better paid opportunities in general automotive engineering but getting some motorsport experience on your CV is mega important.

It doesnt have to be F1, or sportscar or anything related with going to the track. Do as much research as you can and contact everyone you can find or think of in the motorsport arena and offer your services. I presume you have read my post on this:. If they cant help you, ask them if anyone who they do business with is likely to have an opportunity. Any ideas or suggestions?? Thank you for your time. Do you think that would viewed as good enough as far as motorsport experience to get a job as an engineer on an F1 team?

We get a lot of applicants with that background do its always better to do more to stand out. Hi yes sometimes but it varies according to demand. Year long placements are much more common as the teams get more out of them. Then what i do to get a job in f1 like designer,mechanic,crew member. Please look through some of my previous posts for some ideas. Hey, I recently obtained an 2: I am now considering a career in F1 but am a little uncertain about whether to obtain a masters or to get experience in engineering firm.

Applying is also confusing. You could get a job in F1 right now, but it really depends on circumstances. My opinion would be to look at getting a job in the wider motorsport industry and see if that bears any fruit. If that doesnt work then I would go back for further study. Several Masters degree courses have good links to the teams, such as those from Cranfield and Oxford Brookes.

You may be able to forge some path into the industry through those courses. The thing I would advise against would be getting stuck in a general engineering firm or a large OEM supplier. Lots of jobs at Jaguar Landrover etc at the moment but this is a career killer as far as motorsport is concerned as we view it as very slow, cumbersome and not relevant for racing. Hi I have just finished my masters in tourism destination management which I got a masters with merit and am looking of finding a way to get into F1 or lower down racing categories in a travelling ticketing for sponsors and the team , marketing or business capacity.

I just wondered what advice would you give in me trying to pursue this career path? Hi, would aerospace or aeronautical engineering be a good field to go into if you want to become a F1 engineer.

Hello I had a question more closely related towards getting a job in the managment area of Formula One. I am currently a Economics major in a not to well known University in South Texas I am thinking of transfering to a more well known institution to continue my degree and hopefully once I graduate pursue a Masters in Finance or International Business.

I have really thought about a career in motorsport and I know that nothing will satisfy until I have it. My ultimate goal would be one day becoming team principal for a team like Ferrari or Mclaren.

I just want to be close to it and move to motorsport foreign country, get close to my passion and probably find money to do rallying.

Please advice on how to get those kinda small jobs. The tyre guys arent just tyre guys, they are likely to be mechanics anyway or at least the truckies who move the kit from race to race. You would need to show that you know how racing works in order to get a job in F1 at this level. Flag guys marshalls are unpaid volunteers at each circuit so it has nothing to do with the teams. Hi, im 17 years old and about to leave college with a pass in level 2 maintenece and repair and looking at an apprenticeship as an f1 technician, how would i do this??

Most of the teams have apprenticeship schemes but they vary year to year depending on budgets and how many people they need. Best idea is simply to contact the team or look via their websites for the latest info about how and when to apply. To increase your chances you need to have some experience or evidence that you are committed to motorsport. Get involved in whatever you can. My area of interest is power trains and I would like to specialize in the same. Could you educate me on which areas should I concentrate on power trains that shall be useful for me to start a career in F1.

You dont need to have a great specialism to work in engines in F1. If you have a strong background in physics, thermodynamics and general theory then it would be a perfect start. Your type of course sounds good to me, the instituation carries some weight over here in the UK so I think its a good choice.

If you can do some practical engine testing and data analysis of engine performance during the course then it would be an advantage. The thermodynamic performance is nothing special really although that may be changing now with the new regulations.

Thank you for any advice you could provide. Hi, My direction i would like to take is a little bit different to what i have seen on here already. I am currently studying sport science at university and my aim would be to work with drivers in their fitness and psychological skills as i think this is an important part of getting the best out of their performance.

I know that some teams do have this sort of thing but was wondering if you had any advise on achieving this. My only idea so far is to contact very small grassroot level motorsport and see if it would be something they would be interested in. Hi there, i have recently graduated from University with a degree in Fashion Marketing but really want to pursue my career within F1. Hope you can help. There are fewer marketing opportunities in F1 than engineering ones for sure but if you do want to get involved I would recommend looking at any sporting event marketing to get experience.

That could be any local running events or larger sporting events. I would look at smaller companies to build up experience rather than large corporations where your job role is narrow and limited.

In F1 you must carry a lot of responsibility straight away and so you are more likely to get that in small firms where you build up experience. I have an apprenticeship at an engineering firm manufacturing parts for airlines and military vehicles. Hi I would really love to become a f1 racer I have raced stockcar but nothing better than the sound of a f1 car cheers Daniel casson. Getting to F1 as a driver is very hard. Unless you are winning every race in stockcars then it would be a very difficult thing to achieve.

I mean looking at the competition around the world its usually the guys based in the country where the factory is, get preferences. I just completed my bachelors in Mechanical Engg. Is it possible to guide me as to how to go about pursuing a career in motorsport.

Thank You so much for giving us time while living in the fast lane. Being outside of Europe makes things difficult, there is no escape from that. There are Indians and other nationalities in F1, not just Europeans but if you only have equal qualifications then normally the European will get the job as their background is better understood, and therefore less risky for the employer.

How do you get over it? The main way that has proven successful seems to be to do study in the UK, even if only for a year. Cranfield do some short Masters courses which do very well for placing students in racing. My post on stepping stones to F1 is probably quite relevant for you, in that you could apply across the wider Motorsport industry and see what response you get.

If you can get a foot on the ladder there you would be much better placed to then further your career in F1. Getting some roots down in Europe is probably the key move for you, however you do that, then use that as a starting point for your career. There are many Europeans over there now and similarly the Europeans value Motorsport experience from the US. In the meantime do whatever you can at home to learn about racing.

Thanks for those words, Sir. As far as racing in India is concerened, there are people who really want to be a part of motor-sport, but due to lack of options they tend to shift focus elsewhere while graduating. We have a VW Polo Cup happening here which is similar to the VW Scirroco R cup that happens in Germany every year then there are businessmen who own teams and stakes in big racing companies.

Then there are owners MRF of touring cars competition that happens in AUS, NZ and elsewhere, but they also look for International talents as most of the times the events happen in other continents. Also when it comes to Two-Wheeler competitions its very much the same, many Indians funding them as the viewership rate is high. Its like there is a ray of hope but you need something special to see that light.

I regret not going for the VW placements as it was clasing with my graduation exams. I have been working in the shipping biz for a few years but am on the lookout for a motorsports job. I am sure though that there are staff members like me who do not deal with that side of the biz and would very much appreciate if you can advise me some of the positions I could work in, preferably some that does not require me to sit at the same desk day in and day out.

Thank you for your time! My biggest dream is to get a F1 job. Is there any possibility for me to become a Physic Engineer in a formula 1 team? As a Portuguese citizen, I live in Portugal and I would like to know if I need to travel to another country to have a degree in a foreign university. The adults always said that I needed to go to a university in London to have a small chance to be found and chosen by the F1 world. Engineering is just the everyday application of physics — I use physics every day in my job.

There are no rules. To get into F1 you must try to maximise your best chances however. F1 is dominated by British people, there is no escaping that. They know which UK universities are good and which ones are not good. They are unlikely to know which Portuguese ones are good so they will find judging you difficult.

Perhaps someone will take the risk but unless you have other great experiences and qualifications that other people do not have, it is very likely that team will interview people from a UK university. Does that make sense? In a fair world, it ought not to be like that but if it were me, I would try to get to a UK university. Hi my name is Andreas and iv always wanted to be a formula one driver from a young age but due to where i was living there where no go-karts to start of..

Yes it is always possible as there is nothing special about IT in F1, it is very similar to other companies. If you can show the teams that you are willing to work hard and know something about racing then you have a chance. First off, this is a great site! What a wealth of information! I stumbled upon this website looking for ways to get involved with F1. Having watched the sport on television and seeing races in Monaco and Austin, I realize the amazing potential of this sport in the USA.

What are the ways in which I could get involved in the corporate side of the sport. Not specifically working for a team but in a role to further the sport in the USA? You are right, I think we are on the brink of a real expansion of F1 in America, especially if the race in NJ comes off next year.

Tough one on the ambassador role. I would imagine that more American sponsors or companies will want to be involved if the increase in popularity does transpire but this will be fuelled by the teams going after those companies directly. I am sure this is already happening. General sports marketing companies in the US may also have contracts around the race s so maybe some research there. Good luck with it all, I think you are on to something there, it would be great for everyone if F1 became truly popular in the US.

Its my dream from my childhood to be in F1. I think any learning like you suggest is great way to understand machines like engines etc. I learnt by rebuilding kart engines of my own and at a local club and it really helped me.

I think it looks good on your CV too. I was just woundering do you work all year round even when the season is finished? Hi I am doing electronics and telecommunication engineering in India.

And how can I apply or get into it?? Subjects you need are maths and physics — these are essential. Plus anything practical such as technology, metalwork or electronics. Hi, I am a total lover of Formula one, I am going to college in September to study languages and media, in formula one is there a lot of jobs in translating and or media if so how would I go about getting a job in this field with a f1 team?

I have started in f4s in india. If i wanna shift in europe can u tell me where i can study this type of engineering and i can practice my training 2 get into motor racing there? Its my dream from to work in motor sports specially F1. I can and have set up and maintained communication systems in all environments and situations over the world.

I am after some advice in the F1 world if there are jobs available in commincations, be that with an F1 team themselves or working for the FIA. Hi, I am 14 years old and I have a dream for racing in f1. I am in 9th grade and please give me some advice of how to be a racer. I have chosen pre-engineering for my future. Well apart from this please give some advice of how to get into f1.

You will need to race in karting or something similar. Hello, I will complete my bachelors in Chemical Engg. Next year and wanted to ask what are the job opportunities for chemical engineers in F1? Are there any specific courses I could do after my degree?

I think similar to my reply is my post of Breaking Down Barriers to F1. Honestly, I liked the modules from the courses from Brookes better, but I think Leeds is more reconigzed, right? Also, even between the courses from Brookes is hard to decide. I liked all modules from Motorsport Eng. Hi, i am a Singaporean majoring mechanical engineering in Nanyang Technological Univerisity and since young i am a huge fan of f1.

How am i going to enter the F1 environment? I will impress you just give it a TRY. Hi i am currently going through my apprenticeship in engineering working for one of the uks leading injection mold tool makers i am highly interested in becoming an engineer in F1 how can i go about achieving my goal?

Good Morning, I have been karting for 7 years competitively and left school in year 10 and currently studying media design. First of all I want to thank you so much for that Blog. Finally somebody shared such useful information! All my life I was more interested in F1 than the rest of things in the Universe. I think I could be An Aerodynamics Specialist.

I have quite good educational background Russian education for that: What I can do is try to stay on my current job which brings me good money and try to study remotely for an Aerospace Engineer. It is I think the closet degree for being an Aerodynamist is it?

And after I got my degree in years I will be able to try get some job, if not in a racing area then at least in aerospace engineering which is quite developed in the US. Does that kind of plan make any sense?

I m a student. I live in india. I want to be an F1 Driver. How can i be an F1 driver. I cant answer this I am afraid, its too vague a question.

Nevertheless I still have a question. So, my question is basically, do Formula One teams accept interns. And if so, could you maybe give a couple of examples of which teams do accept interns. And also, applying for an internship would I have to do this through the conventional routes, just as with a normal job application or does this operate via another route? And I would really love to combine my two biggest hobbies in the future eventhough you might not know the answers to all of my questions.

Thank you in advance, and I wish you all the best with your career in Formula One and of course the season! Hi im a cameraman for a shopping channel and am well trained in live tv, I would love to film live at F1 events.

Can you point me in the right direction and maybe who to send my C. After the German GP safety is obviously going to be an issue. I am an in the Occupational Health and Safety industry and was wondering what careers may exist either in F1 or within F1 teams? Thank you for making this site and sharing this information. You really make it sound somewhat easy to follow my dream as a race engineer.

Do you have an idea of what type of salaries they make? I really want to find a way in to becoming an F1 Truckie!! But not through an agency, more than 10yrs experience in haulage including European in all types of haulage, how can I achieve my dream??? And I want to know something. I want to get a job in a team as an Engineer. I know I must work in other feeder series before making into F1 and I know it takes time.

But I just want to know if Aerospace Eng will be useful. Yes Aero is a good degree but it doenst really matter whether it is Aero or Mechanical.

Aero is particularly useful if you wish to specialise as an aeronautical engineer. Would you please guide me by throwing some light on future to-do list incumbent for me. I hope to finish a large post I anm writing about university choice and F1 soon.

Please follow my blog and hopefully you can read my opinions on the subject then. I am in year 9 but mechanical engineering is my ambition. What would you do to get involved.

Hi im a female mechanic im 25 and have Been in the trade for 9 years I love it and all the banter. I am fully qualified to nvq 3 I also have my ata service and diagnostic tech certs. I have lots and lots of certificates from all of the courses I have been on. To become an f1 mechanic would be a dream and I would love to be able to make that happen. I would appreciate any advice you could give me to be able to achieve this.

First of all I think being a girl is an advantage in getting your foot in the door. It sounds like you are pretty experienced and could easily pickup the mechanics of building a racing car. The thing you probably need to do is be able to demonstrate the right attitude for racing. What I would do is do some research and see if there are any small teams or individual club racers in your area. You can take a look at other cars and talk to other people, start to network a bit and make friends.

This could be in anything, saloon car racing, karting, rallying, rallycross, whatever. The experience you could gain would look great on your CV and make you stand out further.

I hope that helps a bit. Do you know what the required school subjects are for this role? Hi, i am pursuing a Bachelors degree in Mechanical engineering with Automotive subjects. It will be completed by next year. Though I know how to use them but not very good at that. Currently my college is participating in a Formula Student compitition and I am working in the Design and Aerodynamics team for it. I am really good at sketching cars and like the Adrian Newey approach towards designing.

How should i plan my career here on if I am to land up as a designer in Formula ?? Kyalami in South Africa hosted a GP for several years, most recently in F1 will go wherever there is a large paying audience and good enough circuit facilities.

A return to South Africa is the most likely. Can your parents take you there? I grew up in an urban area miles from any race circuits but I started karting age Do some research into small racing teams or individual drivers and see if you can go along and take a look.

They might take you more seriously of you have some karting experience. ZA was as recent as and is the most likely place it would return I think. I hope to be an f1 designer one day, hopefully as good as Adrian Newey!

My question is how do you get into an f1 designing job, how do you get a job for teams or even GP2 teams to start off with? The motorsport industry is very large particularly in Europe. Its not just the racing teams who provide jobs in racing, there are many manufacturers and suppliers who can give you valuable experience which is respected by F1 teams.

Read my post on stepping stones, it tells you that I didnt get a job in F1 straight away either…. Racing is also very different from road driving and most racers are very talented. Hi I am 14 and From Australia. I want to know if it is too late for me to start karting to get to Formula 1. I have set numerous lap times at different hire kart places in my state. My dream is to become a F1 Driver.

Its nice to read about your F1 job site, I appreciate there is plenty of posting about engineer jobs. Do you mind share info on other jobs aspect? I particularly wish to get more knowledge on the IT side in F1 jobs, any links can you recommend? Hi i am 21 years old…i completed my BE Automobile Engineering…i want to enter into the formula one engineering team…How can i get into formula 1 team….

I am 14 years old and I would like to get into the design engineer aspect of formula 1. I would forst like to know if there is any way I can get work experience and what subjects I shoild focus on. Then I would like to know how to get into the job. You need to concentrate on maths and science, working towards a degree in mechanical or aeronautical engineering.

I am currently working in the zoo industry, but what i do involves travelling the country, on my own, with a team of animals, going round to various shows, and doing displays for the public.

A huge part of this involves the same method of thinking required for formula 1, e. A massive part of my job involves getting to the right places at the right time, having everything you need, making sure it is set up as best as possible. I am 20, with a lot of real world experience of travelling, how to conduct myself, how to adapt to situations and use my initiative.

I am also very driven, enthusiastic and hard working. My question is, with my background being from something very different, even though the principles and methods of working could transfer across easily, will i get a look in? Will i even get considered? Is there anything i could do to encourage them to look at me? I believe if i was given a chance i could do the job incredibly well, just need someone to give me that chance! Hi, my ambition is to become an F1 or moto gp mechanic.

I am currently debating weather or not to go to university to study Motorsport mechanics. The course would be for 5 years if I was to peruse the honours degree after the foundation. If so any thoughts on how to put my name out there?

Any advice is appreciated. Hello, I have knowledge and experience in coordinating big events. Hard worker, quick learner and very loyal fan. Hope to get touch with you guys. I only offer advice, mainly for technical role. Best of luck anyway. Sir at present i am studying mechanical engineering and after years i am willing to do post graduation in automobile engineering. Since i was very passionate about cars i want to be f1 racer in my childhood and won 2 local karting championships too,but in later years i went on with my studies.

So at present in being very passionate towards cars i am studying mechanical engineering. As i said after doing my post graduation from automobile engineering from France or some other country can i expect a job from f1 to become race engineer or the pit crew member. And how to apply for the job. Please give me the info in detail. Its hard to know and I cannot say that any route can mean that you can expect to get a job in F1. I think a post graduate course in automotive or motorsport engineering would be a good idea for you, ideally in the UK perhaps at Cranfield University?

There are thousands of drivers who want to be in F1 but there are only 22 cars. First of all, congratulations for this blog. After this, I would like to ask you some questions. I studied Industrial Engineering specialized in Mechanical Engineering 5 years degree plus project in Spain.

After this small introduction, I have the following question:. During my degree I had some subjects related with fluid and a bit of aerodynamic but ,obviously , my knowledge is lower than an aeronautical engineering could have. Thanks for the compliments about the site — its good to know that people actually read it and find it useful. Msc course at Brookes is good — that will help you enormously as lots of people get to F1 from there.

Yes its possible to get into aero from a course like brookes but it will be a little more difficult than if you had done a pure aero course. Compared to just getting into F1 however, it would be relativley easy to move across into a aero role once you have your first job. The earlier the beter though. It could be race or factory, it just depends on the openings and opportunities that you get in the early years of your career.

It depends on the team how many engineers there are but broadley speaking it would be anywhere from 50 to perhaps even if you include all engineer disciplines. My hobby is driving cars in races hence i like to be creat a career in f1 racing driver. I dont know much about the recruitment process but I would imagine you would need a demonstrable background in sports filming to get in.

Im 15 years old, from Malaysia. My dream is to be a Formula one driver! I can drive auto but not clucth car like F1! Please help me to become one! F1 cars have semi-automatic seamless shift gearboxes with paddles on the steering wheel to change gear. There is no clutch pedal. Hey, love F1 and know heaps about all the tech side of the sport and love it.

I really wont to work as an engineer for any team and am doing everything I can at a young age, 14, to get as much experience in engineering as possible like my available subjects at school. I am however British as well and would like to know weather living in Europe would be the best place to start my career after university. Lots of F1 engineers come from Australia.

Sam Michael is probably the most famous of those. It shouldnt be a problem. My advice if you are serious about this would be to come and study your degree in the UK and take advantage of the many courses who have work placement schemes with F1 and motorsport companies here. Do you think I would have trouble in the future when I am looking for a job in this field since I am female? I know it is almost impossible for me, as a female, to actually race.

So, Ive settled for engineering. Being a girl is good and bad, yes you might come up against some bad attitudes or even downright sexism but also you will stand out and this will at least mean that they will read your CV and pick yours out of the pile.

I want to be in the logistics side of things, eg truckie, garage set-up, and travel with a team. My only problem is, my current job is in a very different industry.

I currently work in zoo of sorts travelling the country with a display team of animals performing in arenas for large crowds at various events. I am solely responsible for my animals, van, and all equipment, and have to organise everything myself. Now this experience gives me great grounding for what I want to do, as the principles are the same, being very organised, efficient, able to adapt and think on your feet etc.

And I believe my real world abilities, like communication and being able to build relationships are better than most, and could rival people much older than me. I have applied for several jobs, but am getting nowhere. I keep persevering, hoping I get noticed, and am looking at other routes, smaller race teams, various suppliers, but to no avail. I believe I could excel in formula 1 and work my way up to a senior level, but I need to get noticed first!

My questions are; is there anything I can do to help get noticed? Its not impossible to get a job in F1 coming from a different background sevral people have that I know of BUT… F1 teams dont have the time or resource to take a gamble on people who have no relevant experience or qualifications.

I think going directly into F1 is too much to ask for someone with your background. I would forget F1 for the time being. Consider going back to college to study a trade or technical subject or look at volunteering on your weekends assuming you work Mon-Fri now? Sir,madam, i am manish kr singh,i have done the hotel mangemant from kolkata,if is there any vaccancy,so please cll me,my no is Hi there, my name is Shane and i was a British soldier working in Logistics.

I would love to become apart of a F1 team working with or driving the trucks that take all the equipment to and from races. Shane Red Bull fan. Its not F1 but as soon as you have experience doing something like this then you can easily step up to F1. I am going to visit the chief designer of The Lotus F1 team in Enstone, I am a massive fan of F1 since I was 6; I have also read books about aerodynamics and aerospace engineering etc… My question is can I become a junior technical director for a team, or do i need a job before that to succeed to a technical director or chief designer.

Also what are the qualifications for it and the average wage please. As a conclusion I just need a full indication of what job I start as a junior. Thank you very much! You need many many years of experience before you can be technical director.

A minimum of 10 years in Formula 1 I would say and probably more. Take a look at these pages. It depends on what your qualifications are as to what your starting role would be but a junior designer or aerodynamicist is more likely. Hi im dan Ive drove lorries and heavy haulage for all my life and my dream iis to be a driver on the f1 team.

I dont represent any one team and I am not looking to recruit people. I am only here to advise so you need to keep an eye out for vacancies yourself, I am sorry. HI, I am Nilesh 19 years old. As for now if i get a tiny bit of work also, i dont want to sit at home. Your choice of course s sounds good and very typical of those people who work in F1. As I have said elsewhere however you need to try to add to that as much as possible by some practical experience or some way to make your CV stand out.

If there is any form of raving where you are just go along and find out about it, get involved. Some of the best experience can be gained just helping out someone in very basic competition and this looks good on your CV. I have rebuilt a yamaha RX 5 speed and a mini dirt bike. I have also taken parts in some racing events for suzuki. Now I am planning to make a quad bike. I would love to read about your early rising experiences and would be delighted if you help me out through this.

It is amazing how you use your free time to help the dreamers and future engineers and workers of Formula 1. I favorited your blog and check your twitter periodically. I will introduce myself: I am a 19 year old Mechanical Engineering student, currently in the third career year out of five and, as you can guess, the main goal of my life is to work in Formula 1. But there is a tiny problem: I am a Colombian studying in a Colombian university. It is my understanding that the same thing happens with engineers.

Although some part of me believes in the achievement of my dream, the other is more realistic: Would engineering recruiters prefer me over European engineers? If I had the skills, it is possible for me to break the international barriers and get a placement? Would an exchange semester in the UK or Germany help? Can I get a student placement while studying a graduate degree? Sorry for the delay in replyng, I have over questions waiting for answers and not much spare time! Firstly being non EU is definately a disadvantage.

There is no doubt. However, we dont get many applications from Columbia so if you could demonstrate a good background, experience and enthusiasm then your application would definately stand out. We can interview easily over Skype and such like now so it is not really a big problem.

Would we prefer you over Europeans? No, I doubt it but also we just want the best people in the job so we would not prefer Europeans over you either.

For placements, I think overseas is again more difficult as it can be a lot of paperwork and visas dont extend to temporary work. An exchange semester is definaelt a good idea, if you can study wholly in Europe it would be even better. You would in effect be European then and on a equal footing with others.

If you come from Columbia but have made that effort to come over here to Europe you would look even better to F1 teams. No one can tell you how to be an F1 driver. Thousands of other want to be in that same position and its highly competitive.

You need to start at a lower level and see if you are competitive in the lower ranks before you could ever consider F1. The guys who race in F1 are incredibly talented and most have years of experience of competition driving behind them.

This is exactly what i was searching for. Well, i am 23 years old and currently working for a motor sport team in india after completing mechanical engineering.

With over one and half years of experience in the fields of data logging,vendor development,project management,pit coordination etc, i want to be part of race management rather than technical aspects of motor racing. I request for your suggestions on management schools or courses offered class room courses rather than online. I know that Cranfield University and Oxford Brookes do those types of courses or their courses have elements of those within them.

It sounds like you are doing well so far so that is great. As you probably know though, experience is the best source of qualifications in motor racing so I think I would concentrate on furthering your career at your current team and gradually working your way up.

Can I just ask who it is that you work for and how you got to that stage. I get a lot of enquiries from India but unfortunately I am not very familiar with the racing scene there.

I would ideally love to make the transition and combine both of these interests into one. Do you have any tips or pointers for me from this point of view please? Many of these guys are desperate to present a professional image to potential backers or teams but struggle for money and so would welcome the help. There is no substitute for just getting involved and talking to others.

With some background of this type on you portfolio then you would be much better placed to approach professional agencies or F1 teams for paid employment. Hope that makes some sense? You can find driver contact details via the series organisers or probably just via the web.

Thanks for taking the time to reply, I appreciate it. I will definitely look into your suggestions. Any ideas how I can persuade them to take me? My goal is to try to get into F1, to work for one of the teams in finance dept… Any recommendation what should I focus on and where to look up those things?? I am a big fan of F1 since I was a little kid.

Finance departments are generally quite small in F1 teams, I would say people at most. Hi, Im a Mechanical Engineering student currently doing my 2nd year in India. I chose Mechanical engineering because of Formula 1 and i am willing to do anything to get there. Hi I desperatly am in search of a coach who understands me as Driver and novices my talent for maybe Formula I also have meet Graeme Glew coach also know a lot of people in Formula-1 he also supported several drivers.

But no I need sponsors people who believe in me and wants to invest in me. Also I have mij race license for racepaard and racemotors. I think you need to decide quite soon whether you want to be a driver or an engineer. Its a trend now that the drivers start in F1 younger and younger, normally around 20yrs old. That is normally after many years or karting and car racing behind them. I think at 27 years old if you dont have an established career already then the odds would be against you.

Everyone needs sponsors but you need a promising set of results behind you already or you need to know someone in the business. Being an F1 driver is extremely tough. You need to work very hard at it and build up a reputation. Hi im a 16 year old trying to become a good f1engineer its been my dream to become one and also race in the f1 since i was 3 years old.

However, I have few mechnical knowledge. I would like to know which IT jobs can be found in automotive or motorsport industry? Based on some research I did, it seems these are especially rare…, so what should I do to improve chances to get a job in this sector?

It depends on exactly what you want to do with your IT skills I suppose. If you wanted to do general IT support work or infastructure development then I dont think that F1 is any different to any other industry, but perhaps the work would not be that F1 orientated either. We develop all of our own strategy and race monitoring software as well as analysis tools for vehicle dyanmics and modelling.

Full vehicle Driver in the Loop DIL simulators are on the shopping lists of every team and are being used more and more in vehicle development and race support. This is where most of our software guys are utilised. At this time I saw that a small company called Wirth Research are looking for software engineers. Wirth were initially responsible for the design of the Marussia F1 car when they first entered F1 but that relationship has ended.

They are not involved in ALMS sportscars and various other projects but I thought this might give you something of an idea. Wirth Research is a group of innovative engineering companies specialising in research, development, design and manufacture for the motor racing industry and other sectors including commercial vehicles and architecture.

Due to business expansion we are looking for talented individuals to join us in the following role:. We are looking to fill two opportunities in our Software Engineering Group. Applications are welcome from software developers and engineers with a good programming background.

Applicants should be educated to graduate level or equivalent, and qualifications should include subjects in a computer science, scientific, mathematical or engineering subject. The ability to prove and demonstrate the development of new ideas and tools from idea through to production is an essential requirement for this role.

Experience in numerical simulation of mathematical models would be advantageous. Must be comfortable working on Windows. Experience with Linux would be a bonus. For more information about the above roles and how to apply please visit our website http: Hi m adil from india and i want start my career as a F1 driver but i dont knw how to registerd in it can anybody tell me what should i do for applyment. You cant register to be an F1 driver just yet.

You need an FIA Superlicence to drive in F1 which is only granted to those people who have long and proven backgrounds as competition drivers.

Non F1 licences in your country are handled by the Motorsports Association of India MAI so you should contact them for advice initially. Hi, i was wondering if it was possible if you could help me out. Im a 17 yr old and coming up to finishing my second last year of high school.

Hello, I am a 16 year old girl, who has wanted to be in F1 for a very long time and it has been one of my passions for many years now. I do not want to do the technical side of F1 such as engineering, however I would love to get into the geography part of it, as my current AS courses are Media, History, Geography and English.

Thanks for the comment. Most teams would not have their own weatherman on the team as we are limited in the number of personnel we can take to races. Thank you that did help very much on helping me understand how they work the weather system, however just to clarify what does FOM stand for, and also what is freelancing? Freelancing is like working for yourself but you do small pieces of work for different companies or individuals.

As a freelance weather forecaster you might do a few hours a week for an F1 team but do other work for the rest of the week. I am currently looking throughout the job market on a site called racestaff.

I was wondering how I can break into the industry, my final goal being to work as a race engineer in F1.

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