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50 Best Minimal Resume Templates

Professional resume templates

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50 Top Minimal Resume Templates
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Our developers attempt to create not only highly functional templates with various bonus features, but also to make sure they design aesthetically pleasing layouts. While browsing our selection, you will quickly notice the wide variety of styles and colors. On a par with minimalistic themes appropriate for any possible kind of CV, we also stock quite a collection of out-there designs, meant for those who are not afraid to stand out.

However, no matter the style of a chosen template, you can be sure it will come with a well-structured and clean layout. Most of our Resume Templates are available in various color schemes to provide you with better editing opportunities. Your CV is the face of your professional career, so it is important to personalize it to your liking. A huge advantage of our CV layouts is that they are supported by all popular formats. It gives you the freedom of color and content customization.

You can add your photo, education, professional experience, and hobbies. Moreover, if you change your position or gain some new experience in the medical sphere, it can be quickly edited as all the information is placed on different layers and is presented in an editable format.

Play around with the design, structure, typography of these templates according to the format of your choice. No need to worry about a physical copy of your CV, because these skins are fully-optimized for printing and come in a standard A4 format. Therefore, you will be able to edit a resume in the blink of an eye, print a copy, and send the amended version to a recruiter easily.

Check for yourself how quick and convenient it is. Give a face to that list of professional achievements and experiences, show your pleasant smile, and charm every HR person. It is your choice, but, in any event, you are able to use a perfectly formatted layout with or without a photo. Many of our CV templates come with a free ready-made business card and cover letter layouts. In case you are looking to promote your services and want to be able to create a great first impression of your personality, definitely consider a template supplied with a business card.

You can share them both with employers and clients and watch how your popularity grows. Designed in accordance with your CV style, business cards are a nice bonus included with your purchase.

Made specifically for those cases where a resume is not enough, you will be able to provide all the necessary information for an HR in a matching design. Grab a pre-designed form and emphasize the attention on your strengths. Many people underestimate the importance of the appropriate font in design. Little do they know, that a carefully-selected font can add character to written content, as well as make the text more readable. However, you do not need to spend a fortune on typography.

Around the clock, any day of the week - you can always rely on our experienced team to solve unexpected technical puzzles. Quantify where you can. Unlike a qualifications summary, this one is less about what you can do and more about what you will do. Keep it down to well-written sentences. A professional profile can also be a list of bullet points. However, if you do it this way, remember to include more than just your skills.

Also include some of your major professional achievements. If this sounds like the ideal introduction for you, our resume profile guide can walk you through the composition process in four simple steps.

Your professional experience is the most important part of your resume. For most hiring managers, this is what they look for immediately after seeing your name. As such, it is critical that you write this section well, even if you use a combo or functional format.

Always list your current and previous positions from most recent to least recent reverse-chronologically. Make sure each position you had is clearly set apart from the others. After the company name, include your position title and the dates you worked there.

This can be next to the company or immediately underneath. But make sure the font style is different from the organization name. Under each job, you should include a few bullet points. These are to illustrate your experience, accomplishments, and the level of responsibility you can handle. This is not a list of your duties. Rather, these bullets are meant to highlight your qualifications, kind of like an expanded qualifications summary. Depending on your format and what you are trying to highlight, you should include bullets for each job.

Coordinated communication between 3 departments, enabling organization to take action and address issues quickly and efficiently. Notice the importance of action verbs. Also important to remember is to pay attention to verb tense. If you are currently at a company, write in present tense. If it is a previous job make sure you write your bullets in past tense. Another great way to enhance your bullet points is to take advantage of our comprehensive list of resume adjectives and accompanying guide!

If you are fresh out of school, you might even consider placing your education background before your professional profile. This is because your academic experience will be more relevant than your work history at this point. Keep it simple and direct, and make sure to include:.

For a little extra help, check out our education section example to the right the highlighted parts. Feel free to copy or use as inspiration for composing your own.

For more information on composing an education section, we offer a full guide. Give it a look. The skills section of a resume is just as important as your professional experience section , especially if you are using a functional or combination format.

There are, however, three main types of skills to include:. These are the skills that are learned or gained through experience. They are either directly relevant to the position or will at least come in handy.

If you are applying as a secretary, for example, technical skills would include Microsoft Office Suite and typing speed. Some examples of technical skills include:. Here are some common additional skills:. These are the abilities that are generally harder to define, but still critical in a work environment.

If you are applying to be a manager, having leadership skills or poise would be very helpful. If you have room on your resume, include a few of these, especially if they are related to the position. Many soft skills are commonly used — here are a few of the most popular:. Hard-working Emotional intelligence Flexibility Team player Logical and analytical Calm under pressure "In it for the long haul" Empathetic Takes initiative Conflict resolution Listener Eye for improvements Communicator Design sense Appreciates critique Dependable Punctual Motivated motivator Able to lead when called upon Detail-oriented Able to see the big picture Results-oriented Patient and deliberate Reliable Respectful.

Keep in mind that your skills section should be just one section. When arranging your skills, keep similar abilities grouped together. Also, list them in order of importance. Technical skills generally are the most significant, while soft skills are seen as less of a priority.

There are exceptions to this rule of course, so use your best judgement. If you want more details about how to write your skills section, see our helpful guide. Another section to include, should it apply to you, is awards, honors, or activities. If you have a few in each category, combine them into one section. The title of it should be whichever ones you are highlighting.

If you have special certifications or licences, be sure to include them. Some well-known certifications include:. If you have an extensive academic background or have been a thought-leader in a give field, you might have published articles, stories, books, or other media. If you have, include them on your resume. This is especially important if you are applying for a position where published work is a necessity.

These jobs could include academic posts, government positions, jobs in journalism and media, or even marketing. When writing your publications section, list your work in reverse-chronological format. For more information, see this example of a resume with listed publications.

Your publications section can be expanded further into a portfolio. Designers, artists, and consultants are known to curate their own portfolios of previous work.

If you have publications or work samples that are relevant to your job search, consider putting together one of your own. Now that the hard work is done, you want to make sure everything is polished as possible. If style is an area you are concerned about, our comprehensive resume style guide can help get you on the right track. There are a number of stylistic things to consider during the writing process. Here are the most important:. Also, never go over two pages.

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A résumé, also spelled resume, is a document used by a person to present their backgrounds and skills. Résumés can be used for a variety of reasons, but most often they are used to secure new employment. A typical résumé contains a "summary" of relevant job experience and education, as its French origin résumé is usually one of the first items, along with a cover letter and. Welcome to Brisbane Resume. If you want to stand the best chance of landing your dream job in today’s competitive market, you need something that makes you stand head and shoulders above the rest. An outstanding resume, interesting LinkedIn profile and fantastic interview may be just what you need to show your future employer that you tick all the right boxes.