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❶What is the process for getting credit for my internship? Monetary Decisions for Medical Doctors.

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Students who have completed internships are often considered to be the most marketable. When can I do an internship? Students are eligible for internships based on certain prerequisite courses and a minimum GPA. What is the process for getting credit for my internship? What are the expectations for students doing internships? Why should I hire a USF intern? What does an intern do? How do I hire a USF student as an intern? How many hours will students work? In the Anthropology Department our internship is a credit-hour course.

If you do not see the answer to your question please email us. You should carefully review the information on our competitiveness page found here to determine if your application is competitive. Remember, health profession programs will generally not seen ANY additional information after you submit your application.

Therefore, if your application is not competitive at the time of submission , it is not likely that you will be successful in gaining acceptance. Also, you will want to be sure that your application shows your competitiveness.

Unfortunately, some great applicants will submit subpar applications. Since programs only know you by the information you submit, you will need to ensure that your application, personal statement, transcripts, and letters of recommendation indicate that you are competitive.

An advisor can help you determine your best course of action if you are concerned about any aspect of your application. Most heath professions programs require that you take a standardized test to be considered for admission. Generally, you should take the test in the spring of your junior year. The earlier you take the test, the sooner you can be considered for admission. Your aim should be to take the test once, do not take it just "for practice.

You should be absolutely ready for the test when you take it. For more information on each of the tests, please visit the Careers in Health Professions page. You should see an advisor to help you decide when the right time to take the test is for you. Be sure to check deadlines for particular schools. It is generally advisable to apply during the summer the year before you hope to be admitted.

However, the earlier you apply, the better. The majority of schools admit students on a rolling basis. Applying early is the best way to ensure that you are considered by the medical schools when they still have most of their seats available.

If you have questions about when you should apply, if you should wait for your MCAT scores to arrive, etc. There are many factors you may wish to consider in selecting the schools to which you will apply. The average number of medical schools students apply to is about 12, averages vary for the other health professions. Your first consideration should be to assess the possibility of your acceptance to a particular school, taking into account state residency,the mean grade point averages and mean admission test scores of the most recent entering class.

Other factors you will want to consider include whether a school meets your personal needs in areas such as curriculum, research, cost, location, housing, transportation, family needs, jobs for spouses, etc. In reality, you should only apply to schools that you will be happy attending. However, requirements for the EDP are more stringent than for other applicants.

You should apply through EDP only if you meet the minimum requirements and are certain that it is the school you wish to attend. If the school accepts you in the EDP you are committed to matriculate there. Deadlines for EDP are much earlier than those for regular applicants. However, you are also notified earlier of your acceptance usually October. If you are not accepted through the EDP you are released from your commitment to that school and may apply wherever you choose.

Although applying through the EDP can save you in application fees and stress, it can delay your application to other schools if you are not selected. Students occasionally apply to two or more professions simultaneously, such as medical and podiatry schools. If you choose to do this, be sure you have weighed your decision carefully and you are prepared to enter either profession.

Many but not all professional schools participate in application services. If a school participates in an application service, you must apply through the service.

These applications are now all web-based see below. If a school does not participate in an application service, you must contact the school directly to request an application. Most services will accept applications beginning around June 1, although they will accept transcripts earlier. Again, we encourage you to apply early!

Fees for these applications are generally high, and secondaries usually require more money. Some assistance is provided for some of the primaries; information about Fee Assistance Programs where applicable is available on the sites above. Some do have alternative hard-copy paper methods of applying, but check these web sites for the electronic versions first! They will save you time and help facilitate the speedy submission of your application to the individual schools.

For other health professions, there is usually just one application, and in this application you will complete similar information. You will need to have official transcripts sent directly from the Registrar of USF and each additional school you have attended to the application service or schools where you are applying. When you request the transcripts you should request an additional copy for your own use in completing your applications. Be sure any grade changes or incompletes have been corrected before your transcripts are sent.

Grades entered on your applications must be identical to those on your transcript. Please check out our Essay and Interview sections for more details about these processes.

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